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End of the season

It seems like summer is finally over.  I guess most people consider labor day weekend to be the last hurrah for summer, but the sun and the heat have been hanging around her in SoCal until this week. Suddenly it feels like fall. It's got that feeling of pumpkins and halloween and turkey around here now. Don't get me wrong, I love the fall, and I was damn sick of dying in my non-AC car, but I already miss the long days, the pool and the barbecues.  I'm hearing there's a possibility of rain tomorrow or thursday, so I've gotta hustle and get my bus parts somewhere safe.

Speaking of the bus, I'm still making progress, albeit slowly. The whole cargo floor has been stripped and coated with Rustbullet (rust-proof paint.) Next step is to lay down the truck bed liner.  I'm also prepping for paint. I bought all my paint at Lowes a couple weeks ago and on Sunday I picked up an HVLP gun from Harbor Freight. My first experience with the gun was iffy, but I'll just keep practicing.  I've got about half the body sanded and probably would be done by now if not for some really ugly repairs hiding under bondo on the nose.

Work has been good. I'm really making quite a bit of money these days, though I miss my free time.

Matt and his g/f broke up and he's been really bummed, so I've been playing counselor joe for the past three weeks.

I still haven't heard from Cal Poly in regards to my admission and the suspense is killing me. I'm going to call them today and see what I can find out.  I realized today how upset I'll be if I don't get in. :-O

For some reason, my mom has been extremely cool for the past few months. I'm actually starting to think maybe she just doesn't hate me anymore. My dad is still the king of all douches most of the time though.

Alright, I gotta go get ready to go to therapy.
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