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Life in the breakdown lane

Well, my Honda broke down AGAIN. For a month or so, I could hear a soft bubbling sound every now and then, but I could never figure out what it was. Tuesday of last week I went out to run some errands and the car was idling a little roughly. I figured I should check it out, but it soon resumed normal operation. The next day, I decided to drive it around and see how it was running. It ran fine while I went and bought some new shoes (camo converse btw) but when I tried to drive home, it was idling really badly. Soon I had no power and white smoke was billowing from the tailpipe. Ugh, blown head gasket. I tried to drag her home, but she crapped out on my two miles away. Anyway, the car still isn't fixed and I've been driving my parent's '82 toyota pickup for the past week.

This time when the Honda broke down, I decided enough was enough. It's time for another car. I really wanted the bmw 2002 my neighbor has, but his asking price was too high. Matt tipped me off to a 2002 on a dealer's lot on fullerton. I checked it out with my bro and it looked pretty nice, save for a suspicious rust bubble on one of the rockers, but for $2000, I was intrigued. I went back the next day during daylight hours, and much to my dismay, it was now obvious the bimmer was a hack job. Rust and bondo reared their ugly heads everywhere I looked.

All hope was not lost though, I had seen a 1978 vw rabbit on craigslist that looked real purdy. After a test drive, and an inspection, I decided I had to have it. I finalized the deal last night, and now it's mine! Pictures will be forthcoming.
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